Tungsten Ahi Head


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Presenting the newest member of the WolfPack Family! The Tungsten Ahi Head was designed to be the best swimming offshore head on the market, with every curve engineered to perfection. Whether fishing with a ballyhoo or our Wolfpack Ahi Tail, the weighted keel will keep your lure upright, and swimming perfectly.

Tungsten is almost twice as dense as lead, meaning there is more weight packed into a smaller package. This new Tungsten Ahi Head was designed to have a sleeker smaller profile, while keeping the same modular ability as the Ahi Head with exchangeable nylon hair, and our Snap and Go Ahi Tails. (Both sizes compatible with small collar hair and tails)

From Northeast Tunas species, to out-of-the-country marlin and sailfishing, these heads are perfect for anglers looking to maximize their success.

💎 The artificial diamond eye reflects light at every angle, helping catch the attention of fish in the area, while the ultra durable electroplating is second to none, protecting the lure and giving it a premium color and finish.

Tungsten Ahi Heads will be available in 2 sizes, and 5 breath-taking colors

Compatible with small-collar WolfPack Tackle hair and tails.

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